Tailored accountancy services
for small businesses

Based in Horley, Surrey. Baird Consulting provides finance and accountancy services to small businesses and startups.

Baird Consulting, bespoke services for small businesses

We are a small independent company, offering a range of services to small businesses and start ups, including bookkeeping & accounts, outsourced services and business advice.

Whether you're just starting a business and are unsure of your needs, or an established business looking at your options, we provide a service tailored to your specific needs, and one which can grow as your business needs grow. This means that you'll never find yourself paying for services you don’t need, but you’ll also always have the advice and support you need available.

Bespoke Finance & Accountancy Services

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Tailored Bookkeeping and Accounts

Tailored Bookkeeping and Accounts

Our range of bookkeeping, accounts preparation and VAT, corporation tax & self-employed services will help you free up more time to get on with running your business, while the service being tailored to your exact needs means that you won’t be paying for features you don’t need.

Outsourced Services

Tailored Outsourced Services

Tailored Outsourced Services

Our outsourced services give you the option to take even more of the headache out of your business finances. Perhaps you’re looking to outsource the whole finance function of your business, or perhaps you have a bookkeeper but want some more advice. Either way, we’re here to help!

Business Advice

Tailored Business Advice & Support

Tailored Advice & Support for your Buisness

If you’re a start up, seeking advice on the best way to get off the ground, be that fundraising, or generally running a business, we can help and support you with bespoke advice. If you’re a more established business, we offer a strategic business review, and can still offer bespoke advice.

“Baird Consulting is not about selling you a pre-built package of services. We tailor a range of services around your specific needs. Whether you're just looking for advice on starting a business, or you're an established business looking at your options, please feel free to get in touch. We'd be very happy to discuss your accounting needs”

James Baird (Founder & Managing Director)

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Why Every Small Business Should Have an FD

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Covid-19 / Coronavirus Support Update

The government has just announced a new micro business loan scheme. This has been described as a ‘bounce back loan’ and will help all those small businesses that were struggling to access the original Coronavirus Business Loan Scheme (CBILS). The scheme will open next Monday (4th May) and payments should be made within 24 hours…

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Covid-19 / Coronavirus Briefing

Introduction COVID-19 (Coronavirus) represents a very real threat to a lot of small businesses. Whether this is through loss of earnings because you can’t work, or you have jobs cancelled on you, or because you have a lack of trade to your business. The Government has made it clear that your first response must be…